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Hoi! I have decided to spend less time on social media. Each time when I open a random Facebook page, I start clicking things, and it takes me sometimes over twenty minutes before I realise that I was doing something else. I need to finalise my the thesis for my Master's in Brand Management; it has already taken much longer to complete than planned 😬, so move over Facebook!

So the other day I started to unlike all the pages I was following (needless to say that, of course, there is no simple menu option to do so easily) and reduced my Facebook friends by half. But please don not feel offended 😘, I am planning to stop hanging around on Facebook anyway. It is not only the thesis that requires attention, I am also annoyed by how advanced Facebook and others have become in tracking my whereabouts and interests on the Internet. They are continously trying to seduce me to buy whatever junk. I rather pay for a service then that they sell off my personal interests for a few bucks. Hence there is also no comments section on this site. Most of these free platforms such as Disqus, just try to monetise trough targeted advertisements and are selling your interests and preferences in the same way as Facebook does.

So what did I do to compensate for fear of missing out? 😂 Haha. Well, I reviewed each of the pages that I liked on Facebook and then checked the corresponding websites for the availability of an RSS feed (here is mine: RSS). I am now back to the 'good old days' with a perfectly chronical overview of updates from my favourite sites and blogs. No more stupid Facebook curation with seemingly random posts, no more advertisements and lousy trackers, and little distractions. My setup? I use Feedbin + Reeder and then 1blocker and Pi-hole to get rid of most of the crap including trackers and advertisements.

Anyway, I still like to roam around the place with my camera1 and I want to continue to share some of the stuff I encounter when travelling. So here it is — a place on the Internet where I will post some of my personal stories and adventures with friends and fellow explorers. I guess the whole idea is to share some images and stories of the amazing places I have travelled to, and inspire or encourage the ones around me to do the same. So feel free to drop me a line if you have questions about any of the trips on my website or if you know places I must go and see.

It will probably take me forever to add all my stories and picture to their new home but hey, at least here is a start with a selection of my photos from Iran. Let me know your thoughts via an old fashioned e-mail [sander◼️️], I would love to hear from you, and please do share these images and stories with your friends if you feel that they may like them too!

Thanks, doeg! 🚀
Sander van Dijk

  1. Most of the images here have been taken with a Fujifilm X-T1. I have grown-up with film (35mm Minolta's), and my first digital camera was a six megapixel Canon DSLR in 2003. I stuck with Canon as I was focussing mostly on sports photography and used 1D's and 5D's mostly with the prime L zooms simply because of the unparalleled autofocus performance. At one point I stopped working as a sports photographer and lost interest in photography altogether. My expensive gear was collecting dust. It was too heavy and cumbersome to bring these big camera's and heavy lenses on trips, and I decided to try the smaller Canon G-series and later on a Sony RX100. Both were not satisfying at all, so I stopped with photography. Again. I kept an eye on the Fujifilm X100 though, but when Fuji released the X-T1, I decided to give it another try and bought one shortly after they became available. I fell in love with the system—its compact size, how it renders the images, the amazing lenses and the camera's tactile wheels and switches (over endless menu's). I now own an X-T2 and a few primes; the 14mm, a 23mm—this my absolute favourite lens and focal length, and the fantastic 56mm. I also use the 27mm pancake and have recently (re-)added the 18-55 stabilised zoomlens for versatility. When I travel slow I sometimes like to use ND grad filters for landscapes. I use Lightroom (what a piece of junk compared to Apple's now discontinued Aperture) and some VSCO profiles mimicking my favourite films in post-production.